Tattoo Removal



Downtime after
each treatment


Cost per

Q-switched nd yag laser

Invisible infrared light that delivers specific wavelengths of light extremely quickly in nano-seconds at a very high energy.

These pulses are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigment, shattering it into tiny fragments small enough for the body to recognise the particles as a foreign object & over the next several weeks some of the particles will be discharged & some in deeper tissue will be absorbed & digested by the macrophages to be removed by the body’s immune system. Pigment will thus be removed with little / no scarring.

Removal of all colour tattoos until clear

(black, brown, red, orange, pink)

6 weeks

3 days

30 min

From R730

Yag laser is also highly effective to break up & discharge dermal pigmentation.

Removal of red & brown birthmarks /  benign skin lesions / sun induced hyper pigmentation until clear

6 weeks

3 days

30 min

From R670

Why it’s done

Q-switched nd yag laser can be used to treat:

  • Epidermal pigmentation
  • Dermal pigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Uneven skin tone & remove foreign pigment i.e. tattoos / permanent make-up or microblading
  • Broken capillaries