Pre-treatment notice

Kindly arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled treatment to get changed & complete the consultation card. Please shave before a laser tattoo / hair removal treatment if your therapist already assessed your hair growth. Avoid caffeine or any stimulant drug on the day of your laser treatment or skin peel.

Please alert your therapist of the following contra-indications:

  • High Blood pressure I heart conditions
  • Recent surgery, muscle or joint injuries or open wounds
  • Any serious allergies
  • Pregnancy, Lactation, Epilepsy or Diabetes
  • Any serious medical condition or if you are currently under a physicians care
  • Auto immune diseases I disorders or pigment disorders e.g. vitiligo
  • Recently had a skin peel, wax, selftan application, sunburn or topical retinoic I steroids applied
  • Bleeding abnormalities or impaired healing
  • Have a tendency to keloid scarring or hyper pigment
  • Have an inflammatory skin condition, e.g. psoriasis, dermatitis or eczema
  • Suffer from Claustrophobia, Anxiety, Emotionally stressed or any other Mental Illness
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Have cancer or currently having radiation or chemo therapy
  • Have any metal pins I plates I fillings
  • Are taking any drugs whether topically I orally for any condition whatsoever

The above list is not fully comprehensive & thus a proper consultation will be performed before your first scheduled treatment.

A patch test of any one of our treatments can be performed if needed.

Post-treatment advise

Home care following any one of our treatments are vital to ensure the least possible downtime if any. Please follow your therapists advice & notify her immediately if your experience is any different other than what you have been told. It’s normal for some treatments to have a few days downtime.

Don’t apply make-up or any other cosmetics other than what you have been instructed to use following a laser treatment or skin peel. No sun tanning, excessive sweating, hot baths, chlorinated pools or steam rooms after a laser or peel. Do not apply any products containing fruit acids, alcohol, perfumes, acutane or steroids.

Follow your therapists post treatment advice carefully e.g. apply lots of sunscreen, anti-biotic ointment, aloe vera, vaseline, to use an ice pack, to only rinse with cool water or no water & not to pick scabs if any.

Do not eat any spicy food after laser treatments or skin peels & try avoid extreme temperatures. Drink lots of water & eat fresh fruit & vegetables. Avoid alcohol. Avoid smoking for a period of several weeks before & after laser treatments with downtime, to speed up recovery time.

Your follow up appointment is critical to ensure you are on track with your expected improvement & ultimately see great results in as short time as possible.