About La Derma & the team

La Derma is a trusted skin care centre that has been helping men and women of all ages attain and achieve their healthiest and most radiant skin. Our qualified Dermal Clinicians will provide you with up to date research, results driven technology and topical ingredients to assist you in achieving your skin goals, which can include scar management, hair reduction, healthy ageing, evening out skin tone, improving acne and decreasing redness.

We believe that science based skin solutions are the best way to achieve healthy skin. We believe healthy skin can give you the confidence to be you.

Meet our La Derma Team:

Founder and Owner, Yolanda van Tonder is a passionate aesthetic therapist herself with an extensive background in the beauty industry. Yolanda owned and managed many skincare centers before she realized the missing link in the beauty industry. Clients wanted more, more than just an average beauty treatment that were very possible in the surrounding of their own home. Yolanda wanted to offer her clients medical graded treatments at affordable prices. This is exactly where it all started. Yolanda had a vision and it was time to fulfill her dream. She started to research many laser and beauty machine manufacturers all over the globe and visited many before she found the perfect manufacturer who she saw fit to tailor make her La Derma machines.

Our Machines

These machines were designed together by her and an expert team which is made up of light, machine, electricity and medical science highly specialized personnel to ensure dermal aesthetics would be able to offer top notch treatments to ensure the best results to meet her clients needs and exceed their expectations!

Yolanda then needed a strong team. A team of specialists sharing in the same passion as hers. She wanted to succeed in a fast growing industry, by opening a skincare Centre to very soon take the beauty industry to the very next level.

Yolanda opened La Derma in November 2018 and their skincare Centre is growing at a fast pace with treatments and product offerings to boast about. She employing highly skilled therapists and nail techs and believe in ongoing training to ensure a strong team that will work together to offer La Derma clients superior treatments and results!

The salon covers not only your aesthetic needs, but also all your beauty needs. There is a comprehensive range of aesthetics and beauty treatments available, from massages, facials, pedicures, manicures, gel and acrylic nails, waxing, lash extensions, microneedling , super hair removal, microshading, permanent makeup, skin peels, spray tans and injectables, even tattoo, scar and birthmark removal, La Derma covers it all and use products that have established themselves as brand leaders.

The La Derma team: Yolanda, Zandile, Zinthle, Serisha and Londy are extremely passionate about what they do, and believe in ongoing beauty and aesthetic training to stay on top of their industry in order to educate their clients and together obtain optimal results, which is 100% their focus!

Yolanda - La Derma